The Format

We created "The Island" as eco-adventure format.
This is not just a game. "The Island" is an experience.
This is a test. A test of knowledge, experience, skills, abilities...
and their use outside the city, deep in the Mountains.
“The Island" is meant for people who are ready to challenge themselves!

"The Island" IS NOT an individual experience!
Each stay allows participation of
three to six family or friend couples.

Only candidates who accept the terms and conditions of residence and
have been approved by the team of "The Island" may participate in the format.

You can find the conditions for participation here...
You can register for participation here...
Registration does not bind you to participate
it only shows your future interest to be part of “The Island” experience.
You will receive e-mail with information
for your participation as possible dates etc.
and all news from "The Island"

Leave the office. Come to? "The Island"
Try to stay!

The Place

This is not a place where you've been.
This is not a place where you can go again.
"The Island" is deep in the mountains.
You will be brought and taken from there
without ever finding out where you have been.
We call it "The Island" because it is not just apart, but completely
away from the everyday bustle, from vanity... away from it all!
And yes, you will be surrounded by water, lots of water, but
within, deep in the mountains!

Leave the office. Come to? "The Island"
Try to stay!

The adventure

"The Island" is an adventure format.
For three days you will be away from the known world.
As far from it as you cannot imagine.

For three days you will be outside the world.
As far the world you know.

During your stay you will have to know how.
Everything you need will be somewhere around you.
You will search, find, adapt, use...

Leave the office. Come to? "The Island"
Try to stay!


If you want to stay on "The Island" it is necessary
To be an adult (at least 18 years of age)
To register for participation.
Signing up by couples - family or friends.
Your registration must be approved by "The Island" team
You will stay on "The Island" for three days.
Within one Season each participant
can stay on "The Island" only once.

Leave the office. Come to? "The Island"
Try to stay!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the location should be kept in secret?
We want to keep The Place from tourists’ encroachment. “The Island” is eco-tourism format. We hold to keep the place pristine as it is today.
What should I bring with me?
Only your shoes and clothing.
What is the food?
The food, which is necessary for every person.
If you are vegan - we need to know that.
Everything else is taken into account.
Can I use a phone?
Yes, but only a phone. No camera, no GPS, no smart phone.
(You will receive phones for your stay by our “The island” team)
Can I take pictures?
The stay and participation in "The Island" are recorded.
Within 20 days after your stay, you’ll receive film and photo book from “The Island”.
Photos and videos are made by us.
What happens if I break the rules of "The Island"?
The couple, that breaks the rules, leaves "The Island".
What are the safety measures?
During your stay on "The Island" there are a medical person
and moderators by your side the whole time.
Can I leave when I want?
Of course. You will be accompanied to the place,
where your adventure had begun. But only together
with your partner or a friend with whom you participate.
Could we be more than two friends?
Of course. But divided in pairs, in even number.
Could we be corporate clients?
Yes, we offer special conditions for corporate format.

Leave the office. Come to? "The Island"
Try to stay!


Registration does not bind you to participate , it affects your future interest.

Thank you for your interest !